Patch Up! : A collective reflection on the connections between technology, creativity, culture, and personal agency 

Department of Humanities’ recent workshop Patch Up! brought together a diverse group of scholars, artists, engineers, educators, and entrepreneurs to collectively explore the impact of modular synthesis on music and multimedia arts. 

Participants at this innovative and interdisciplinary workshop discussed the growing popularity of modular synthesis and the opportunity this unique technology provides for musical experimentation and non-screen based interaction and creativity. Through historical, technical, social, aesthetic and pedagogical perspectives, the workshop enabled collective reflection over the connections between technology, creativity, culture and personal agency.  Projects emerging from the workshop seek to inform public discourses around technology and creativity; enhance entrepreneurial innovations in music technology; and provide graduate supervision opportunities. 

Supported by a SSHRC Connection grant, Patch Up! was hosted from April 1-3, 2022 in collaboration with the Responsive Ecologies Lab at the Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly known as Ryerson University). To know more about the program, visit the Patch Up! workshop website or connect with Andreas Kitzmann, Associate Professor, Department of Humanities.  

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Director of the RE/Lab & EDGE Lab and associate professor in the School of Early Childhood Studies.
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